Dear stakeholder,

Thank you for your continued support and guidance to Xpedize, which has powered our achievements over these few years. We would like to share with you an exciting development in our journey to further solve the gaps in supply chain finance.

We are pleased to inform you that Xpedize has been acquired by Clear, and we believe that with Clear we have found the perfect partner to expand and grow together. As we continue to ramp up and expand our network of anchor companies to help many more vendor companies manage their cash flow better, we remain deeply committed to improve our offerings and serve you even better.

Back in August 2017, we started Xpedize with a genuine intent to help solve the inefficiencies plaguing the supply chain finance ecosystem. This was – and remains – extremely important in our mission alongside the development of public infrastructure pushing digitisation viz. onset of GST, e-way bill, and e-invoicing. Our journey over the last four and a half years has been special with our Xpedize platform easing the credit crunch of thousands of vendors across the country, while also helping our anchor companies maximise their EBITDA returns.

Clear (formerly Cleartax) has been at the forefront of solving tax and compliance for enterprises, and has delivered tremendous efficiencies to the ecosystem through its many industry-first solutions in e-invoicing and taxation domains. By adding Xpedize to its suite of solutions, Clear further strengthens its offerings to deliver a holistic solution to enterprises: providing a single-window solution capturing the complete lifecycle of an invoice, viz. Invoicing, Taxation, Credit, and Payments. This will help enterprises achieve higher efficiency, compliance, and profitability over a single platform with relevant, up-to-date visibility for Finance, Procurement, and Taxation teams to simplify their business processes. 

The combined expertise of Clear + Xpedize team brings a host of value-additions to our existing and future enterprises, across anchors and vendors, to enable us to holistically solve the problems of supply chain finance. At this exciting juncture, as we realign and refocus ourselves along with Clear to build and solve in a larger manner for the ecosystem, we want to thank you once again for your continued support and guidance. 

We assure you that there will be no unwelcome changes to our established processes or with the people interacting with your team, and we will continue to serve you in the same trusted and efficient manner. We look forward to connecting with you soon to showcase our combined capabilities and demonstrate how Clear + Xpedize can add significant value to you and your ecosystem. 

Thanks & regards,

Deepak Gugnani & Regan Mithani

Co-Founders, Xpedize

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