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Is your Supply Chain Finance
leveraging Technology
to deliver PROFITABILITY ?

Xpedize is a technology enabled platform that improves upon the traditional forms of cash discounting models and eliminates its inherent limitations. It is a Software with a Service (SwaS) that brings both Buyers and Suppliers on a common platform, where Suppliers offer dynamic cash discounts to receive early payments from their respective Buyers.

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Finally, a win-win solution for both, buyers and suppliers

What's in it for the buyers

  • Higher yield on surplus funds with no additional risk
  • Get discounts from a wider Supplier base
  • Increase in Operating Margin
  • Multiplier impact on EV (Enterprise Valuation) and Market Capitalisation
  • Strengthening Supplier relationships
  • Enhance compliance through audit trail mechanism on a digital platform

What's in it for the suppliers

  • Improve availability of Working Capital
  • Flexibility on timing and amount
  • Potential to accelerate cash flow for tier-2 and tier-3 Suppliers
  • Additional source of financing
  • Enhanced efficiency with the use of Technology
  • Better than conventional mode of financing, eliminating cumbersome documentation, collaterals or opening of multiple accounts

Advisory Board

Our advisory board provides us the oversight, knowledge and domain expertise to unlock the full potential in Xpedize.