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Bridging Profitability and Working Capital Needs with Dynamic Discounting

03 February, 2022

The Buyer-Supplier Relationship is perhaps one of the most peculiar relationships in the Supply Chain.

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Why Data Integration with your ERP matters.

31 December, 2021

Touted as the ‘Central Nervous System of a Business’, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), over the years, has evolved to become perhaps the most crucial software

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Invoice Discounting: A lifeline for MSMEs?

17 November, 2021

We explore the new and unchartered territory of Invoice Discounting, and how it can be the difference between growth and extinction for your organization. Read along to know more.

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FinTechs and India: A Greener Pasture?

08 October, 2021

A brief introduction to the FinTech Industry in India: Is it the FinTech destination of the world? A Greener Pasture worth $160 Billion? Let’s find out.India, over the past few decades

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MSMEs and COVID-19: A Threat or an Opportunity?

14 September, 2021

Over the past 21 months, ever since the world was introduced to the menace we know as COVID-19, and the global pandemic that followed, the world has not remained the same.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Supplier Financing

01 September, 2021

For any business to thrive, or even survive, one of the most critical elements- even more critical than the organization’s bottom line- is its Working Capital.

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How MSMEs are Leveraging Bill Discounting Platforms Today?

25 November, 2020

While Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) navigate through many uncertainties in their daily course of business,

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Technology Trends in Supply Chain Finance

13 October, 2020

Across the world, supply chain finance (SCF) has become more challenging with globalization, business expansion & enhanced compliance regulations.

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Managing A Company’s Working Capital After Lockdown

14 July, 2020

The world is going through an extraordinary situation. With uncertainty in the market, it’s difficult to predict when the full

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