Vendor Case Study

JBS Steels Pvt Ltd is the leading manufacturer of CO2/ Mig welding wire, Mig wire and Mog welding wire, etc. It aims to provide the best range of products at a reasonable price with exceptional quality.

JBS Steels is the pioneer in the industry with a large network of vendor bases and Big corporations like Jay Bharat Maruti Group, Krishna Maruti Group, etc. To manage a huge network, working capital should be adequate enough to meet tremendous demands and to fulfil various commitments. Let’s see how JBS Steels has been assisted by Xpedize in fulfilment of its commitment and demands.


JBS Steels manages a large customer base so it maintains inventory to serve its customers. Maintaining Inventory at large scale requires balanced working capital which is a challenge in itself.

  • It has a different credit time with different parties so to manage all the parties and their timely payments, JBS Steels requires a stable finance provider.
  • The primary purpose of an inventory system is to keep an accurate record of stockroom supplies, customer order fulfilment, and prominently inventory is maintained to sustain flexible market prices.


JBS Steels overcame all challenges and was able to manage its working capital requirement in a well-organized way.
  • JBS Steels is able to manage all stakeholders with different requirements with different credit periods by taking early payment through Xpedize.
  • 24*7 tracking facility of invoices and “Cash in bank” at a click within 2-3 days is a boon for JBS Steels.
  • After analysing market conditions and chances of flexibility in prices, it purchases the raw material in bulk after taking early payment from Xpedize to battle this market challenge.

In this way JBS Steels is growing and serving large corporations at Best Price with Best Quality.

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