Supplier Financing Transformation

Managing Working Capital For A
Pioneer Welding Wires Manufacturer

The story behind the Supplier Financing Transformation of one of India’s foremost Bearing Manufacturers


Our client is a Mumbai, Maharashtra based Complete Friction Solutions provider, with a turnover of approximately ₹1000 Crores, operating eight manufacturing units in India and South East Asia where it produces Needle/Cylindrical/Tapered/ Roller Bearings, Ball Bearings, and Thrust Bearings, among other Anti-Friction Solutions.

The Problems

The Company faced a number of challenges that pushed it to make changes in its Supplier Financing Model.  Here they are, as follows:


  • The first challenge was in the form of extremely low participation from its vendors.


  • Increasing the organisation’s returns on cash funds, and by extension, improving its EBITDA.


  • Complete dearth of Financial Flexibility for their Suppliers.

The Solution

The organisation then decided to adopt Xpedize’s Supplier Financing Platform to onboard its suppliers onto a single platform, so as to enable Dynamic Discounting powered Cash Discounting / Invoice Discounting.

What we did


  • Our dedicated Client Success Management Team ensured that Xpedize onboarded 254 Suppliers.


  • Which account for more than 71% of the total Vendors, a jump of more than 11 times* the number before.


  • This led to 14,688 Invoices being Discounted in the past 12 months, translating to an amount of ₹ 150 Crore+ being discounted through Cash Discounting and Financial Institutions.


  • Towards the end, the company realised its goal of increasing its Returns on Cash Funds by achieving average returns of 12% p.a. on Surplus Funds.

Business Impact


Invoices Discounted in the past 12 months


Suppliers Onboarded, covering

₹ 150 Crore

Amount Transacted through the Platform


Of the total Supplier Base


Savings Achieved

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